Suit-Able Walkthrough

You are stuck in a labyrinth with an insane A.I simulated program after your blood. The anomaly; you are invincible... So the suit suggests...
Find your way out and update attributes to escape!

Suit-Able : The Invincible Paradox Walkthrough


  1. Here's the walkthrough!
    1. Take the suit by clicking one of the suit
    2. go to the next room (you will not get hurt)
    3. then go to the next room (still like 1st room)
    4. go to the elevator then go left
    5. jump (if you fall on spikes, you will not get hurt)
    6. Ignore the robot or send him to the spikes
    7. Go left until you fall on the numbers on the wall to get telekinesis. Then use it to click on the lever on the right
    9. use the box to lift yourself up! (Telekenesis needed)
    10. Zap the robot (optional)
    11. go right to elevator.
    12. When you are up there, zap the robots.
    13. click on the laser gun to move to a safe place
    14. run untill you are down floor.
    15. Click on the binary to get invisibility
    16. push the lever on the right!
    17. Go invisible and use the crate back in number 9.
    12. Get crushed but you will survive
    13. click the bar of the vent on the left (both of them)
    12. Get crushed but you will survive
    13. click the bar of the vent on the left (both of them)!
    14. remove the dead bodies away from the eye.
    15. go invisible and go left.
    16. go up with elevator.
    17. move turret to a safe place
    18. go right.
    19. If you meet the other guy in suit with blades on it, click on him until your friend grab of him.
    20. click on him and he'll blow up.
    21. You are now vurnable to everything except spikes.
    22. go down to spike floor level
    23. use invisible and move to where you play in no 8 and 9.
    24. meet the spider
    25. draw the spider to the floor.
    26. click on its eyes.
    27. when its eyes are out, use telepathy on it to kill.
    28. move up and go right
    29. keep moving and zap until you see the eye.
    30. crouch from laser and move to the eye thingy.
    31. The Eye thingy will move until it reaches to the brick floor.
    32. zap its eye with telekinesis mutiple time and it will fall down.
    33. Charge up the generator by getting hit by energy robots whilst clicking on the generator (make sure you zap the robots to get more health)
    34. The another laser will come to you so use the same way as number 29 to 31.
    35. Find the code for ground slam (up then down)
    36. Use it down jammed elevator.
    37. meet the weird thing.
    38. Defeat it by ground slam near it under the spikes.
    39. click on spike on impale it.
    40. grand slam on the spike on weird thing's body. (Do it until the creature dies)
    41. Move on until you see the brain.
    42. click on the brain (it's easy).
    43. Go right to the end to get sky jump.
    44. sky jump (up up) the topless places.
    45. go the the elevator (destroyed) and sky jump.
    46. When at top, go to the rock to get knife armor.
    47. When the robot come. use sky jump on the robot head (knife armor needed)
    48. Ground slam the robot
    49. Do the process 47 and 49 until the robot is deactivated.
    50. You will know the girl's name

  2. Another note
    when at 46, go right until the end to get number for knife armor.
    TO defeat the robot at the end, use sky jump with knife armor. WHEN THE ROBOT IS DOWN, GROUND SLAM HIM on HIS HEAD!


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